aside from

aside from
apart from, aside from
Apart from has been standard in BrE from the early 17c (e.g.

• There are few exciting and visitable relics of [Mesolithic] human life apart from caves —R. Muir, 1983

• The raven, who apart from anything else was much stronger in the air than the dove —Julian Barnes, 1989)

aside from, an equivalent expression used alongside apart from in AmE since the early 19c

• (Cutler believes that, aside from voyeuristic entertainment, the show will influence the presidential election year —Philadelphia Weekly, 2004)

is now found from time to time in BrE contexts

• (Aside from abolition of exchange controls by the other major economies, the Government insists that Britain's inflation rate be brought more in line with that of her trading partners —Guardian, 1989

• Aside from his corporate profile, however, little is known of Lord Browne the man —Herald (Glasgow), 2007).

Modern English usage. 2014.

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